Flood victims rise in Japan

In Japan, the island has killed 66 people. Search and rescue work continues – 14 people

The central and western regions of the country, including the prefectures of Kumamoto, Oita, Gifu and Nagano. Rains also spread to Honshu Island. Record values ​​were noted – in the city of Kanoi in Kagoshima Prefecture, it made a thousand mm of precipitation (3 times higher than the average norm in July). As a result, 84 rivers emerged from the banks.

This year, 800 people in the city of Hero and 1.3 thousand people in the city were found cut off from the outside world. In Kumamoto, 3.8 thousand houses were isolated, and 6 thousand houses were damaged. In Kumamoto and Oita, about 4.3 thousand families were left without water. In total, 19 out of 47 prefectures destroyed more than 12 thousand houses.

The evacuation order was received by about 2 million people. More than 2.2 thousand schools were closed. According to preliminary data, the damage to farmland amounted to about 109 million dollars.