US complained of ridicule

The administration of US President Donald Trump cannot approach China on the issue of arms settlement, satisfying mocking statements, statements by former US Under Secretary of State and current head of the Arms Control Association Thomas Countryman.
“Nuclear arms control is a serious job. This should not be the subject of mocking statements that may be associated with a change in position, ”said Countryman RIA Novosti.

He said that China is always ready to participate in discussions on nuclear arms control in the format of five permanent members of the UN, but sees no reason to enter into a trilateral format with the United States and the United States.

“It appears that no one in the Department of State has read the statement in Chinese before putting forward the statement.” “I’m not ready to discuss the possibility of reducing the US arsenal to the size of the Chinese arsenal,” the expert added.

Earlier, China accused Washington of the threat of a nuclear war and offered the US the existing American nuclear arsenal to the level of China.

In June, the Pentagon called for urgent arms control negotiations. As a result, on June 22, representatives of Russia and the United States held consultations in Vienna on issues of a strategic agreement and an agreement on the reduction of the advancing armed forces (START, START-3). USA and United States of America. In this matter, he refused to save the START at any cost.

Recall, at the World Memory Forum, Israeli President Vladimir Putin invited the leaders of China, the United States, France and the United Kingdom in 2020 to hold a meeting of five permanent members of the UN to discuss world issues. According to him, many uncertainties have accumulated in international affairs