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$ 1 million pledge set for policeman accused of murdering Floyd

$ 1 million pledge set for policeman accused of murdering Floyd

A Minnesota state court has set up a $ 1 million bail for police officer Derek Chauvin, who is charged with the unintentional killing of African-American George Floyd during his detention. Such data follow from the court materials.

At the moment, it is not known whether Chauvin intends to use this condition to get out of custody. The same bail is set for three other police officers who are accused of complicity and incitement to murder – Thomas Lane, Alexander Quang and Tu Tao.

Chauvin is charged on three counts: second-degree murder without intent in the commission of a serious crime, third-degree murder in the commission of an extremely dangerous act and second-degree manslaughter due to negligence, creating unreasonable risk. If his guilt is proved, he faces a long term in prison. The first court hearing involving Chauvin is scheduled for Monday, June 8th.

The incident that caused a public outcry occurred in late May in Minneapolis (Minnesota). The police received a call from a local store employee complaining that a large black man had paid with allegedly false bills, was intoxicated and was about to drive.

Law enforcers found the alleged intruder – he turned out to be 46-year-old George Floyd – threw him to the ground, one of them stepped Floyd’s knee on his neck and did not pay attention to his cries that he could not breathe. After some time, the detainee lost consciousness, and later died in the hospital.

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