17 wineries burned down in Napa Valley

A week after the fire engulfed the northern Napa Valley, it turned into the most devastating fire that America’s most famous wine region has ever faced.

As a result, the buildings of at least 17 wineries were damaged or destroyed, which is significantly higher than in 2017. Many winemakers continued to put out the fire on their estates, sometimes even without the help of firefighters. In some cases, after the flame seemed to be extinguished, the next day the fire begins to blaze again.

More than 215 Napa County wineries remain at risk, with the majority being evacuated. California’s most famous and high-end Cabernet Sauvignon growers are on the brink of disaster. The fire has already jeopardized the quality, and in some cases even the existence of many Napa wineries. And there is no end in sight.