3 people dead, 2 missing after river rafting in North Carolina

Three people are dead and two are missing after five people were boating down a North Carolina river and went over the edge of a steep dam, according to local authorities.

According to the Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office, the five were part of a group of nine people who were boating down the Dan River Wednesday night. At one point, the boats split up. Five people swam over a dam near a local power plant around 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, authorities said, and then three of them drowned, with two more still being sought.

Four people who were “clinging to various objects” were rescued from the river. On Thursday, Lt. Kevin Sathard, a spokesman for the Rockingham County sheriff’s department, said none of the men were seriously injured.

Authorities said search and rescue efforts are under way from the Duke Energy plant to the Virginia state line.