$ 4.9 million worth of cocaine crashed in Mexico

On Sunday morning, July 5, a private jet carrying 860 feet of cocaine worth $ 4.9 million crashed on a highway in Mexico, after which the drug dealers on board tried to hide in the woods.

The Hawker 700, which the Mexican authorities managed to track down to Venezuela, made an unplanned landing on the state highway in Quintana Roo. The record made at the scene shows how smoke rises above the flaming debris. The crew escaped before the arrival of the police, but shortly after that, law enforcement officers stopped a truck carrying drugs on board.

Representatives of the Mexican Air Force told the Mexican newspaper Millenio that they planned to intercept the plane right before the incident – and the crash occurred after the crew was ordered to land. The authorities added that this is not the first aircraft with smuggling seen in the region over the year: in January, two more aircraft carrying weapons and drugs were intercepted.