5G ciphering people (population control).

12 months ago

In view of the outbreak of coronavirus in the world, it is very important to vaccinate people in order to protect their life and health. It is believed that through vaccination, nano chips will be introduced into the human body, the control of which will be carried out by ill-fated 5G towers. Rumor has it that using these chips introduced into the human body, it will be possible to control his physical condition, not to mention the identification of the identity of the carrier of the chip (its place is position). It is assumed that chipping will begin in schools, under the guise of routine vaccination, of course without the knowledge of the parents.

A US engineer, Col Sanderson, spoke about the experiments in Boston, attempts to control the human body with the help of chips introduced into the body and the experiments were quite successful, the woman (experimental) was paralyzed, but scientists were able to influence the movements of her limbs with the help of electrical circuits in contact with the spinal cord.

But according to experts, Russia will not be among the leaders in this situation, but will be one of the main suppliers of raw materials. All this sounds quite implausible, although it was initially said that the coronavirus was also invented by the government, and now tens of thousands of victims. There is also an opinion that this is the work of hands, Masons, who are accused of all the troubles of mankind. I want to know your opinion on this matter.

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