A 30 km long UFO spotted on the moon

The nearly 30 km long UFO seen on the Moon is “irrefutable proof of the presence of aliens,” say ufologists.

Alien hunters say they have found a nearly 30-kilometer-long object of extraterrestrial activity on the moon. The images, allegedly taken by NASA, show a long black structure on the lunar surface. The pictures were leaked to the network, but the space agency does not comment on them.

Prominent conspiracy theorist Scott C Waring made another shocking statement about the find. He believes that because of the flat surface of the UFO, he can land wherever he wants.

“I often report such black structures, but it could be a flat-bottomed ship, so it could land in different places – this one landed inside a crater on the Moon. A measurement in the lower right corner of the map shows that it is nearly 30 km long, ”says Waring.

“Aliens hide structures, and NASA often misses them because they have little preparation to find them. But this is irrefutable proof of aliens on our moon! ” – declares the ufologist.