A 5-year-old child drove a car with $ 3 in his pocket to buy a Lamborghini. He ended up in it

Utah, a 5-year-old boy from Utah, took his parents’ car and $ 3 to buy a Lamborghini in California. This writes CNN.

Adrian’s plan was simple: to travel from Ogden, Utah, to California and buy a Lamborghini sports car for $ 3. The child took the keys to his parents’ car and drove onto the highway, where he met a Utah police patrol. They stopped the young driver, and he explained to the police that he had escaped from the house after his mother refused to buy him a Lamborghini. The police initially thought that the child was a driver with disabilities, as he was driving in a lane at a speed of about 40 km / h. Then the adults explained to Adrian that the car was worth more than $ 200,000, and he might not have enough to buy.

At this time, the boy’s parents were at work, and his older 16-year-old sister Sidney was sitting with him. The disappearance of the son was noticed only after half an hour – the parents immediately returned home and were afraid of the worst. After the child was found, he was returned to the family. Parents admit that they have no idea how Adrian learned to drive a car. Now the local prosecutor decides to charge.

After Adrian’s story hit the headlines, the family received an offer from a local businessman, Jeremy Nevis, who decided to ride the child on his Lamborghini. The boy rode with him in his quarter the next day, when he returned home. “By rolling it, I could bring his dream closer and show him that this is possible,” Nevis admitted. Adrian’s sister said the young driver was happy.