A 75-year-old protester in the United States found a crack in his skull after police actions

A 75-year-old protester, Martin Gugino, who was pushed by police during a riot in Buffalo, NY, found a crack in his skull. On Tuesday, June 16, said his lawyer Kelly Zarkoni.

“For certain well-known circumstances, I have no right to go into details, therefore I confirm only that he has a crack in his skull. He is not able to walk on his own so far, but I was able to talk with him briefly until he was too tired, ”CNN quoted the defender as saying.

She also noted that Gugino should get better soon, his condition is stable.

A video of the incident was filmed by the local WBFO radio station on June 4. On it, 75-year-old Martin Gugino, who turned out to be a member of the organization “Western New York Center for Peace,” comes to the police to talk about something.

However, when the demonstrator stopped in front of the police officers, one of them shouted three times that he had to be “pushed back”, after which the second really pushed him away.

Gugino fell, but did not rise, the frames show how his blood flowed from his ear. One of the officers leaned toward him, but the other immediately led him away, the rest also passed a man lying on the ground.

On June 5, two policemen were suspended from work after the incident.

Earlier, June 5, it was reported that police in California shot and killed a 22-year-old man who was kneeling with his arms raised and without arms. These incidents occurred against the backdrop of protests that erupted in many US states after another assassination – during the detention of African-American George Floyd.

The incident that caused a public outcry occurred in late May in Minneapolis (Minnesota). The police received a call from a local store employee complaining that a large black man had paid with allegedly false bills, was intoxicated and was about to drive.

Law enforcers found the alleged offender – they turned out to be 46-year-old George Floyd, threw him to the ground, one of them stepped Floyd’s knee on his neck and did not pay attention to his cries that he could not breathe. After some time, the detainee lost consciousness, and later died in the hospital.

Floyd’s death caused a wave of unrest in the United States. Protests began in Minneapolis, where he died. Peaceful actions quickly gave way to pogroms and looting.