A bill restricting police powers introduced in US Congress

11 months ago

In the United States, representatives of the Democratic Party submitted to Congress a bill providing for police reform in the country, the American publication The Hill reported.

“The draft law on police justice, proposed by leaders of the Black Caucus of Congress, provides for curbing the use of excessive force by law enforcement officers, in particular, violence directed against blacks and other minorities,” the publication said.

In particular, the bill establishes a ban at the federal level on the use of asphyxiation, eliminates the legal protection of the police from lawsuits, and introduces a mandate for the use of undercover police cameras throughout the country.

In addition, a ban was initiated on the possession by police of weapons commonly used in the army, as well as the creation of a database database that reveals the names of police officers who abuse their powers.

Democratic leaders in Congress identified police reform as an important and long-overdue remedy against racial injustice.

In anticipation of the bill being announced, Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi and Senate minority leader Chuck Schummer and party supporters in the Capitol complex knelt down for eight minutes and 46 seconds, exactly during the period during which the policeman kept his knee around his 46-year-old’s neck George Floyd.

EADaily previously reported: most Americans believe the country is out of control. Mass protests continue in the United States after the murder by police of black George Floyd.

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