A black hole has released an ultrahigh-speed beam of plasma toward Earth

11 months ago

A black hole from the constellation Ophiuchus released a bundle of matter that flew toward the Earth faster than the speed of light. An abnormal phenomenon was recorded by the Chandra X-ray orbital observatory, according to The Astrophysical Journal Letters.

The black hole is called MAXI J1820 + 070 and is located 10 thousand light years from Earth. A star of the solar mass rotates around it, which gradually loses its substance.

As observations have shown, a hole periodically emits jets – plasma beams that are heated to millions of Kelvin and move extremely fast. Scientists decided to follow them.

According to instruments, one of the emissions directed toward the Earth flew at a speed of 1.6 the speed of light. The opposite jet accelerated to 60% of the light speed.

Recall that not a single substance in the Universe can be faster than light. But scientists have found an explanation for this phenomenon. Matter ejected by a black hole moved as fast as the luminosity generated by it. New “portions” of x-ray waves constantly overtake the previous ones, and because of this, the illusion of ultrahigh speeds is created. Studies have also shown that the internal energy of such emissions is much higher than thought.

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