A boy was found dead in a motel in Texas

2 weeks ago

Authorities in Texas said the boy found dead in a motel room may be missing Samuel Olson.

Police in Jasper, Texas are investigating after the boy’s body was found in a motel room. Preliminary findings indicate it is likely the remains of 6-year-old Samuel Olson, who was reported missing in Houston late last week,

Jasper Police Chief Gerald Hall said the boy’s body was found in a large bag and appears to have been that way for some time. He would not disclose the cause of death.

Meanwhile, the boy’s father’s fiancée, Teresa Balboa, is also missing. Samuel’s father Dalton Olson admitted that Teresa had not been seen since Monday, when the couple went to post flyers about the child’s disappearance.

Attorney Marco Gonzalez claimed the mother had primary legal custody of the child, but she had not seen him since January 2020. The child had recently been living with his father.