11 months ago

A boy who caught a stolen safe from the lake helped solve an 8-year-old mystery

11 months ago

The pandemic has inspired many people to pursue new hobbies. A boy living on Jones Island in South Carolina also found a new hobby that gave him an unforgettable experience.

Knox Brewer (6 years old) decided to go magnetic fishing a few weeks ago after watching a video on the Internet… Magnetic fishing is fishing where people hunt for metal objects under water using a strong magnet. “Magnetic fishing is amazing, even if it’s something tiny, it’s still amazing,” says Knox. “My favourite moment is when we take something upstairs. I really like finding out how big or small it is.”

His parents Jonathan and Katherine Brewer hoped it would be a useful hobby, educational and valuable experience. “Magnetic fishing helps to spend time during a virus pandemic,” Katherine said. “He learned which stones respond to the magnet and which do not.” Searching for hidden treasures is every boy’s dream. And it didn’t take Knox long for him to make a killing. While he was outside on Mother’s Day, he found something big at the bottom of Lake Whitney. The object was heavy, stuck in the mud downstairs, but with some help from a stranger nearby, he caught a locked metal safe. When they opened it, they found several things inside – jewelry, credit cards, and a checkbook. “We opened the safe. I knew it was the right thing to do to call the police to help solve this mystery,” said the boy’s dad. “It was also a great opportunity to show Knox what to do when something like this happens.

As it turns out, the safe belongs to a neighbor, a woman they traced back to the house across the street. She told us that the safe was stolen from her house eight years ago. Nothing has been known about it since. “She got back some pendants for the bracelet that were still inside,” says the boy’s mother. “She said all the expensive items were missing, but at least she got some of the items back and could let go of that story. It was a great experience for Knox, too. “The first thing she did was kneel down, hug Knox and thank him,” said Mr. Brewer. “He himself wants to be a police officer someday, so he had a lot of fun investigating, asking questions and getting closer to his goal.

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