A Canadian Air Force aircraft crashed into a home during a flight in honor of medical personnel: a female pilot died

12 months ago

A Canadian Air Force plane crashes into a private home during a flight in honor of health workers fighting the Coronavirus pandemic. At least one person died and another was seriously injured in the crash. This is reported by the New York Post.

The Royal Canadian Air Force said the Snowbirds, the Canadian equivalent of the U.S. Navy Blue Angels, crashed in Kamloops, northeast of Vancouver. “With a heavy heart, we announce that one of CF Snowbirds team members died and the other was seriously injured,” the RCAF tweeted. The deceased pilot is Captain Jenn Casey, Public Affairs Officer with the Royal Canadian Air Force. British Columbia’s Minister of Health, Adrian Deeks, said another man was hospitalized after emergency services responded to the accident. A video posted on social networking sites showed two CF Snowbirds aircraft taking off in sync, and a few seconds later one of them turns over and falls to the ground.

You can see on the footage that the pilot has time to eject from the plane.

Kerry Tututus, who lives next door to the site of the tragedy, told NBC News that the plane crashed into a nearby house, absorbing it in the flames of the explosion. It’s not known if anyone was home at the time of the crash. “It sounded like a gunshot outside the window,” Turatus, 30, said. According to her, there was wreckage lying outside and a plane wing sticking out of her neighbour’s garage.

Another neighbor, Kenny Hindes, said he saw a chute 20 feet above the house. The flight was part of interstate Operation Inspiration, which began April 29 in Nova Scotia to highlight the importance of first aid and to boost the morale of medical professionals during the pandemic.

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