10 months ago

A cat with a rare genetic disorder became an Instagram star thanks to two-tone eyes

10 months ago

Eyes are a mirror of the soul and, it seems, one pet from Derby (Britain) is a vivid confirmation of this

The Siamese cat, nicknamed Olive, was born with a rare genetic disorder – sectoral heterochromia of Iridium. Her eyes are of two different colors at once: one half of the iris is blue, and the other is brown. You can hardly find such a thing among people, but among white cats this phenomenon is more common due to the low level of melanin.

Needless to say, unusual eyes instantly made Olive an Instagram star. Each photo of a cat collects thousands of likes in the shortest possible time, and the number of charming followers – which from time to time even shares fame with its four adoptive brothers and sisters – is growing every day.

Her mistress, Kim, 50, emphasizes that she did not choose Olive from behind her eyes, and did not even immediately notice that Olive had heterochromia due to poor lighting. Now she is carefully documenting the two-color life of a pet in social networks – under the talking nickname Oddity Olive.

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