5 months ago

A child was born in the United States from an embryo that was stored for 27 years

5 months ago

A child born of an embryo that was kept for 27 years broke the record set by her older sister.

Although Molly Gibson is just over a month old, she could have been born at any time in the last 27 years. Her embryo was frozen in October 1992 and remained so until February this year, when Tina and Ben Gibson from Tennessee did not take her for artificial insemination. Tina gave birth to Molly in late October, almost 27 years after her embryo was “conceived”.

It is believed that Molly’s birth set a new record – previously set by her older sister Emma – for the longest frozen embryo that would lead to the birth. In fact, the embryo is only a year younger than the mother who gave birth.

Gibson got both Emma and Molly pregnant with the help of doctors from the National Embryo Donation Center, a religious non-profit organization in Knoxville that stores frozen embryos that in vitro fertilization patients have decided not to use. Families can “adopt” these unused embryos, which are then transferred to the uterus of the adoptive parent.

Emma, the eldest daughter of the Gibsons, was born in November 2017 and set a previous record. She was frozen for 24 years.

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