A company from New York will pay you $ 10 thousand for you to sit in the toilet all summer

Ever dreamed of making money without getting up off the couch? New York-based bidet producer Tushy has decided to go even further – and let you get rich without leaving the bathroom

The company is looking for a consultant for the summer, who will receive $ 10 thousand just for the fact that … will use the toilet. Yes, you heard right: you are offered a position under the speaking title “Vice President for Fecal Issues”. The candidate is required to test Tushy products, interview others about their own experiences, and share their impressions of products on social networks.

Of course, many are not at all eager to talk about such things – but, if you, unlike them, do not bother with toilet details, then why not make some extra money? Keep in mind: only adult applicants can apply for a position. The application deadline was July 10, the contract is concluded for 3 months.