10 months ago

A court in the United States refused at the request of the Trump administration to ban the publication of Bolton’s book

10 months ago

By authorizing the release of the book by former presidential adviser Donald Trump John Bolton, the District of Columbia federal court noted that the circulation has already been sent to customers and even one person can “widely” distribute the text of the book.

In the United States, the District of Columbia federal court refused President Donald Trump’s administration to ban the publication of Trump’s former national security adviser, John Bolton’s book, The Room Where It Happened.

The text of the decision was published on June 20 by CNN.

The Justice Department, representing the interests of the US government, argued that the Bolton book contains classified information and its publication threatens the country’s security.

The court decision said that the government did not prove this.

In addition, the court noted that the circulation of Bolton’s book has already been sent to customers and it is virtually impossible to prevent its publication, since even one person who has such a book can widely distribute its content.

“The government was unable to prove that the injunction would prevent irreparable harm. The application was refused,” the court decided.

Bolton was an adviser to the President of the United States on national security from April 2018 to September 2019. According to Trump, the reason for the resignation was Bolton’s “very big mistakes” and the inability to find a common language with his colleagues in the administration.

Bolton’s book The Room Where It Happened is due to go on sale June 23.

On June 16, the administration of US President Donald Trump filed a lawsuit against Bolton, demanding to ban the printing of memoirs, as they “abound in secret information.” The head of the White House threatened the former adviser with “very serious criminal problems” if the book were to be published. According to CNN, Bolton does not intend to refuse to issue memoirs.

On the eve of the American media published excerpts from Bolton’s book. Former Trump adviser cited several stories in his memoirs when the US president made ridiculous statements about international affairs. For example, in 2018, on the eve of negotiations with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Trump asked his aides whether Finland is part of the Russian Federation or is it “some kind of Russian satellite.” In addition, Bolton said that Trump in private has repeatedly expressed dissatisfaction with the sanctions and other restrictive measures imposed on Russia, “grumbled and complained for a long time,” although he publicly defended it.

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