A dangerous consequence of sleep deprivation has been revealed

A dangerous consequence of sleep deprivation has been revealed

Scientists from Ohio University in the U.S. have identified negative health effects due to lack of sleep.

More than 30 thousand athletes have become participants of the experiment. Specialists have analyzed data with the dynamics of development of their state of health. Most athletes complained of dizziness, intolerance of bright lights, increased fatigue and the appearance of migraines.

According to scientists, such symptoms are common after head injury. But the participants of the experiment had no such injuries before. During the study, experts concluded that the danger lies in the regular lack of sleep at night.

Combined with the stress experienced, people can face health complications. Also, sleep deprivation is fraught with loss of concentration.

Earlier, doctor-somnologist of the Kazarian Center of Epileptology and Neurology Irina Zavalko reported that insomnia, poor sleep and lack of sleep have a negative impact on the immune system, which makes people more vulnerable to infectious diseases. In addition, problems with sleep lead to disorders of the cardiovascular system and metabolism – in the direction of excess body weight and obesity. In addition, lack of sleep worsens the psychological state both in the short term – motivation falls, attention and mood deteriorate, and in the long term – the risk of anxiety and depression grows.