A dream vacancy found without the obligation to work with a salary of thousands of dollars

11 months ago

In Sweden, a unique vacancy has been found, according to which the duties of the employee are only to turn on and off the lights at Korsvägen station at the beginning and end of the working day. This was reported on the website of the Swedish radio, writes searchnews.info.

Employers Simon Goldin and Jacob Senneby promise the candidate a salary of $ 2.3 thousand per month. The employee must arrive at the Korsvägen station every day at a strictly agreed time, which will be opened in Gothenburg in 2026 in order to turn the lights on and off. The rest of the time, the station employee will not be burdened with work.

It is noted that the employee is allowed to quit at the first request, but if desired, he will be able to hold this position for life. Applicants emphasized that they are ready to pay salaries within 120 years. An unusual art experiment is sponsored by the Swedish Art Council and Transport Management. Under the vacancy, dreams have already allocated an amount of 650 thousand dollars.

Using a unique art experiment, the artists Goldin and Senneby decided to draw attention to the problem of inequality in society. Not only residents of Sweden, but also Americans, Taiwanese and Filipinos responded to the vacancy.

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