A driver deliberately drove into Newport Beach into a crowd of protesters

11 months ago

On Wednesday, June 3, a car drove into a crowd of peaceful protesters in Newport Beach, Southern California. People were forced to scatter, saving their lives. The incident was captured on video, reports Fox News.

In the video you can see how white Mini Cooper enters the crowd at speed, and people standing in the way of the car quickly scatter off the road. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured during the incident. According to Mayor Will O’Neill, Newport Beach police detained the driver and is currently in custody.

“I saw this from my balcony, and went there to sort it out. It was purposeful, “said an eyewitness to the incident.” I saw how he pressed on the gas, I saw how he crashed into people, rode, children ran. This guy didn’t care. Lives were not important to him. ”

Newport police spokesman Heather Rangel said the driver was soon arrested near the scene. He was identified as Don Wallace, a 50-year-old Newport Beach resident. Another witness, Brandon Yamawaki, said he threw his bike in the driver’s path to stop him and save the lives of other demonstrators.

“There was rage on his face, he was determined to kill someone,” Brandon said. “He drove through me, I threw my bike between me and the car before it crashes into me. I looked to the right, and he continued to drive, and there were three children on the way. ” On May 31, a similar incident occurred in Minneapolis – a truck drove into the crowd of protesters, driven by a Ukrainian Bogdan Vechirko.

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