A family from Tampa discovered at the entrance to the house of a giant alligator

On Tuesday morning, June 30, a family from Tampa (Florida) found on the doorstep of their home an uninvited guest – an alligator lying in the shade at the entrance

According to the Croc Encounters organization, which described what happened on Facebook, a reptile weighing more than 8 feet stubbornly refused to budge, despite all the efforts of specialists. Local residents even had to take precautions by hanging a warning sign.

“Wait! She said. “If you are a delivery man, then just leave the package here.” Alligator at the front door. No kidding”. Fortunately, in the end, Croc Encounters managed to successfully catch the reptile, which will now live at one of the organization’s facilities at 8703 Bowles Rd. Croc Encounters are open for excursions 7 days a week, during which visitors can not only look at alligators, but also feed them.

By the way, to find out among the reptiles of a new one will be easy. According to the organization, our hero lacks two limbs, probably lost in a skirmish with one of his brothers – which, however, “does not constrain him in movements at all”.

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