11 months ago

A family in the U.S. found a bag of a million dollars on the road

11 months ago

Caroline County, Virginia, Emily Shanz was driving with her family when she saw a large, unusual bag on the side of the road outside of town. The woman thought it was a garbage bag and offered to stop and throw it away in its proper place. And it was the right thing to do.

Inside, the family found plastic bags with the inscription “cash storage” and the postal service logo. Moreover, a few steps away from the bag they found another one – exactly the same one with plastic bags.

Shortly thinking, Shanz called the county police and told them about the mysterious find. The law enforcement officers who arrived found the bags filled with money – only about one million dollars. Apparently, they were lost by the postal workers who were carrying cash. But what really happened is that the police have yet to find out, reports WTVR.

In an interview with journalists, the woman said “It was the only right decision: we couldn’t take what didn’t belong to us.”

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