A family of six was infected with coronavirus, despite security measures. 4 of them are in hospital

12 months ago

In Arizona, a family of six is fighting for their lives after being infected with the coronavirus. According to the patients, they all followed safety measures – but soon after Mother’s Day, they began to notice each other’s symptoms of a potentially deadly virus.

According to the family’s father, Ricardo Aquirre, it all started with nausea and difficulty breathing – and ended with 4 people being hospitalized. “My parents didn’t look well and I said I’d take them to the hospital,” he recalls in an interview with Fox 10 – and then it turned out that we were all sick. “My wife and I, our children and my parents were tested for COVID-19. They were positive.” Akirre still doesn’t know how his loved ones got the coronavirus, but he suspects that it wasn’t a long stay at the local hotel where the air conditioning was being fixed.

The man says that what happened was a huge ordeal for the family – not only because of the disease, but also because of forced separation.

“My wife is 14 weeks pregnant”, explains Ricardo. I had to take care of her and provide her with everything I needed, and now I simply can’t do it. “Now our whole family is apart. My children are with my brother, my father is connected to an IVL machine, my mother is in the next room – critical but stable. And I sit here and I can’t even walk to the bathroom without starting to choke.” To date, 13,937 coronavirus cases have been confirmed in Arizona. Of those 680, they’re fatal.

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