A family with four young children and cats was found dead; there was a strange note on the door

11 months ago

A family from San Antonio, Texas, and their two cats were found dead in an SUV parked in a garage. The bodies of the husband and wife and their four young children (aged 11 months to 4 years) were found in a car with cats in a basket.

According to the chief of police of San Antonio, William McManus, law enforcement officers arrived at the house on Friday morning, finding a note with a mysterious message on the front door. It said: “bodies or people inside the house, animals were in the freezer, do not enter.”

The house was filled with carbon monoxide, so I had to first “clean” it and only then enter. Law enforcement officers found bodies in the garage. “There are no words that could describe this,” said MacManus. According to him, the husband and wife were 30 years old, and they were a “military family.” In January, they moved into a house in the Stone Oak area, although neighbors told police they “never saw them.”

An alarm was sounded by the employer of the father of the family when he did not come to work, so the police concluded that the tragedy happened literally in one night.

“This is just the beginning of the investigation,” added William McManus. “Although this seems to be suicide, investigators combed the house to understand what happened here.”

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