A famous Victorian building burned down in Pittsburgh

A famous Victorian building burned down in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh loses part of its history: A fire destroyed a famous historic building from the 1800s.

A house in the southern part of the city partially collapsed after a fire broke out on its upper floors. Smoke from it was visible for miles. About an hour after Pittsburgh Public Safety reported the fire, one side of the building collapsed, filling the streets with bricks, glass and other debris. Video of the aftermath of the disaster was posted by witnesses on social media.

The first floor of the mid-19th-century building housed a barbershop and the South Side Chamber of Commerce, while the other floors were residential. There is no record of any casualties.

Experts believe that the structure cannot be saved – the building is doomed and will have to be dismantled.

According to a historic study published in 1981 by the Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation, the building, for decades the center of Steel City, was built between 1860 and 1879. At that time it was the home of the Socialist Workers Party. The street on which the building stands is a National Register Historic District because of the many surviving Victorian-era structures.