A FedEx delivery man refused to help a helpless old man who fell on the doorstep of his own home

In shocking surveillance video, a FedEx driver refused to help an elderly Freeport, Texas resident who fell on his doorstep and was unable to get up.

An 89-year-old man who slipped at the front door was lying helplessly on the ground for 15 minutes when a FedEx truck pulled up. The delivery employee who came out of it did not even try to help – he just threw the package on the grass and walked away. “I could use help,” the man then turns to the driver. “Shall you give me your hand? I can’t get up. ” “I can’t do anything, sir. – He answers – Sorry. “

“Well, okay,” the unfortunate man replies humbly before the employee gets back into the truck and the video ends. According to the victim’s daughter, Maria Kush, the man – suffering from dementia and problems with his legs – lay on the ground for another 10 minutes. “The delivery man didn’t even call 911! – wrote the woman in an angry post on Facebook – Fortunately, everything worked out, but dad could have been much less lucky. FedEx has already commented on the incident, saying it is “looking into the circumstances” of the incident and promising to take action.