A fraudster from the United States tried to hide from the police underwater

US fraudster Matthew Pearcey, wanted for the creation of a financial pyramid, tried to hide from the police under water, writes The Independent.

The investigation believes that Pearcey and his accomplice Kenneth Winton created the Family Wealth Legacy and Zolla companies. Promising an easy profit, they raised $ 35 million from gullible customers. The scammers returned only 8.8 million to investors, and spent the rest on themselves. In addition, Piercy and Winton are accused of mining cryptocurrencies.

Law enforcers tracked down Pearcy and came to detain him. The fraudster did not want to give up and tried to escape, first by car, and then in Lake Shasta in California using a jet scooter for diving. The police tracked Piercey’s movements by air bubbles rising to the surface. He had nowhere to escape from the lake, and FBI agents arrested him when he went ashore.