A giant head of an ancient Greek god was excavated in Athens

At first, experts could not determine who owns the head image.

In the center of the Greek capital, Athens, archaeologists dug up a marble ancient statue at the depth of several meters under the street.

At first, the experts couldn’t determine who owns the head image. Among the versions, the scientists named the ancient Greek god Zeus or a prominent resident of Athens. As a result, it turned out that this is a statue of Hermes – the god of trade and good luck in the mythology of Ancient Greece.

The god was often represented in the form of such sculptures – only a head, sometimes a torso. They were placed on square columns at crossroads. Hermes was considered the defenders of travelers and traders. He was the son of Zeus and the Mayan pleiades. He was also identified with Roman Mercury. Scientists assume that the sculpture depicts a god at a mature age.

Athens has a rich cultural history. The city is well known for its many ancient archeological monuments of the ancient Greek and Roman periods. The capital of Greece is a popular place for scientists, as people lived there 3000 years ago.

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