A Google employee discovered a dangerous vulnerability in the iPhone

A Google employee discovered a dangerous vulnerability in the iPhone

Google Cyber team member Ian Beer discovered a dangerous vulnerability in the iPhone.

Beer found a dangerous error in iOS related to zero day vulnerabilities, i.e. malicious systems against which no protection mechanisms have been developed yet. It allows an attacker to remotely connect to the iPhone, intercepting control of the device via Wi-Fi. Thus, an employee of Google was able to connect to the device and read e-mails, upload photos, as well as access to the camera and microphone.

The shortcoming was found in AWDL (Apple Wireless Direct Link) – a protocol that uses the iPhone, iPad, Mac computers and smart clocks Apple Watch for communication among themselves. In this case, the owner of the device will not notice signs of hacking, it just reboots and will open access to content for the cybercriminal.

According to Beer, the bug was fixed with the release of iOS 13.5 in May this year. At the same time, it is noted that Apple has not attached much importance to the vulnerability. The company said that most users have already installed a newer version of iOS, in which this error was fixed.

Earlier, journalists who tested iPhone 12 with 5G support told about a serious disadvantage of the device. According to them, when transmitting data via the fifth generation communication standard, there is a serious load on the battery. According to the author of The Verge, when using 5G, the flagship battery has almost completely discharged in 2.5 hours.