A large asteroid is approaching Earth

A large asteroid is approaching Earth

According to scientists, the asteroid is 20 times faster than a speeding bullet.

Today, December 11, a large asteroid 2020 VC7 will fly past our planet. It is known that the space body will approach Earth at 2:03 am at a distance of about 5.62 million kilometres.

Astronomers have also managed to find out the size of the asteroid. According to them, the width of 2020 VC7 is 97 meters, which is the approximate height of Big Ben. It is known that at the moment the asteroid is moving in space at a speed of 7 km per hour. By comparison, that’s 20 times faster than a speeding bullet.

If a space body were to hit the Earth, our planet would be in for a catastrophe. The size and speed at which the asteroid is travelling is evidence of this. However, there is no danger from the asteroid. Its trajectory is perfectly safe for the planet.

2020 VC7 was first noticed at the beginning of November this year. It was found that makes one revolution around the sun in 3.23 Earth years. The maximum distance the asteroid was able to approach the Sun was 151 million kilometres.