A Louisiana policeman forced a woman to have an intimate relationship who was speeding

11 months ago

Darwin Fonteneau, a 21-year-old policeman from Port Barre Darwin Fonteneau, is charged with third degree rape following a confession by the victim, which he stopped for speeding in March. The woman said that he forced her to have sex in exchange for lifting the fine. “The public keeps law enforcement at a high level, and so do I.” – said Port Barre Deon Budreax, chief of police.

“Whether or not there was consensual sexual intercourse is no excuse for it. I will not tolerate such unprofessional conduct by our police officers.” The victim, who is also charged with violations other than speeding, said that Fonteneau offered to cancel her fine in exchange for sex and he had sexual intercourse with her. The lawsuit was filed on March 27th. Fonteneau was released on bail on Saturday, May 9.

He is currently on administrative leave. The Chief of Police of Port Barre Deon Budreax said that Fonteneau confessed to having had sex with the woman, but the defendant noted that they had met during his off-duty hours. “Even if he wasn’t on duty, that doesn’t make it right.” – said Budreax. Before working in Port Barre Forteno, he served in the St. Landry County Sheriff’s Office. He worked in the Port Barre Department for about a year and a half and graduated from the police academy in November 2019.

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