A man in one day immediately received 37 checks of unemployment benefits – $ 14 thousand

11 months ago

The Oregon Department of Employment, like others in the United States, still has a lot of work to do when it comes to providing benefits to the thousands of people who are still waiting. After several months of waiting, one man said that he had finally received the check by mail, and then another, and then another and another.

On Saturday, Daniel Mark from Portland, Oregon, received 37 checks by mail from the Department of Employment for a total of $ 14,000. And although this sounds wonderful, especially for someone who has been waiting for benefits for almost three months, Mark was afraid to cash them out. “I have been waiting for money for so long, but what money is mine? How can I find out? ” asked Mark.

For the first time, a man applied for benefits at the end of March, and at first he was refused, because before quarantine Daniel worked self-employed. But when the CARES law was passed, the terms of benefits were expanded. After three months of waiting, the man said: the department may have paid him twice as much as he should have.

And so it turned out. “I think it’s quite possible that several people were overpaid,” said David Gerstenfeld, Oregon’s acting director of employment, KOIN 6 News. “It could be a human error, because we have tens of thousands of statements.” Even if we are accurate in 99.9% of cases, there will be errors. If a person cashes such an erroneous check, he will have to return the money, but no penalties will follow. ”

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