A man-made a vagrant perform a deadly stunt for $ 6

A Las Vegas man was arrested for forcing a homeless man to perform a deadly stunt, the reward for which would have been only $ 6.

Las Vegas police arrested a local resident who broadcast on the network how a homeless man, at his instigation, performed a dangerous stunt that led to the death of a person. Keonte Jones, 28, was blamed for the death of Larry Coner, 55, who was forced to do a backflip. The tramp landed on his neck and died.

The police found out that Koner approached Jones with a request for money, and Jones offered him to do the trick for $ 6. After the bum fell and did not move, the author of the idea continued to shoot and joke.

Koner was taken to university medical center and died of a spinal injury ten days after the June 30 incident.