10 months ago

A man shot a 21-year-old girl and injured her boyfriend because they allowed the dog to go to the toilet at his house

10 months ago

A 21-year-old girl died and her boyfriend was injured by an armed man who got angry because the couple told their dog to go to the toilet while walking in Denver, Colorado

According to The Denver Post, Isabella Tallas and her boyfriend Darian Simon were walking with their dog when 36-year-old suspect Michael Close quarreled with them, looking out the window of his apartment. “The suspect entered into a verbal skirmish because the couple told their dog to relieve themselves at his home,” eyewitnesses said.

According to Darian Simon, they ignored the man, and then shots rang out. Isabella died on the spot. Later that day, police caught Close while he was driving along a nearby highway. According to police, a rifle and a gun were found in the car. Isabella’s mother, Ana Tallas, mourned her daughter in a post on Facebook. “Today we lost a daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece and friend,” Ana wrote. “The Lord called her home, and she rests with him in peace.” The page on GoFundMe, created to cover the cost of Isabella’s funeral, raised more than $ 48,000 at the beginning of Friday.

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