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A man shot dead by Kentucky during protests in Louisville

A man shot dead by Kentucky during protests in Louisville

According to police, early Monday morning in Kentucky, a government spokesman shot and killed a protester. It is reported by the New York Post.

Louisville police and National Guard soldiers drove off right after midnight to the parking lot of the Dino’s Food Mart supermarket in the Russell area, where a crowd of people protested against the death of George Floyd. Police officers and soldiers of the National Guard began to disperse the demonstrators when someone from the crowd started firing, prompting law enforcement officers to return fire, said Louisville police chief Steve Conrad.

One of the protesters received gunshot wounds and died on the spot, although it is not yet clear whether the victim was the man who shot law enforcement officers, Conrad said. “It’s clear that many people don’t trust the police,” Conrad told reporters at a news conference on Monday. “This is a problem that we still have to work on and work on.” According to family members, the murdered man was identified as David McAtee, whom friends called “Yah Yah”.

Louisville Mayor Greg Fisher confirmed that it was Makati who was killed during the incident between the LMPD, the National Guard and a crowd of protesters.

On Monday morning, Governor Andy Bichard issued a statement saying he authorized the Kentucky police to independently investigate the incident. The FBI in Louisville will work with the police and the office of the US Attorney. On Saturday at 9:00 p.m. curfew began in Louisville, but this did not stop the protesters, resulting in 40 arrests on Sunday. Mayor Greg Fisher said the city police were shot earlier in the evening, on Saturday, but none of them were injured. According to Fisher, the three officers were in the car, which was fired upon by the demonstrators.

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