A map of the Earth is obtained, on which all oceans and seas have dried

Want to see what the Earth will look like when all the seas and oceans become shallow? Scientist James O’Donoghue has posted a video showing how the water will drain through animation. It is strange, of course, to see green Eurasia despite the fact that there is no water around – but the scientist’s work (full video – at the end of the article) illustrates several other interesting points.

The scientist himself, who, by the way, previously worked at NASA, says that his work shows the planet’s landscape hidden by water. An impression is also made by the counter, showing a decrease in the level of the World Ocean and the corresponding view of the planet. It is worth paying attention to the very beginning of the video – when the sea level falls by the first few tens of meters.

During this period, those landscapes that previously were really above the water open. James O’Donoghue notes that once in a way and in such places there were land bridges over which people could travel between the mainland.

According to the scientist’s explanations, during the ice age, part of the water from the ocean “left” in the form of ice at the poles of the planet. And after it ended, the water began to melt and flood these pieces of land, thus dividing the continents among themselves and making such a “walk to the neighbors” impossible.

If you pay attention, the video shows, for example, how the network of Mid-Ocean ridges located in the central parts of all oceans is exposed. They have a length of about 70 thousand kilometers – if the water goes 3,000 meters below sea level, then they will all become real land.

Oceans from the Earth’s surface will disappear in a situation when the water leaves about 6,000 meters below sea level. The last place where water remains in such a model is the Mariana Trench – as many remember from school lessons, this is the deepest trench that is located in the Pacific Ocean and whose depth is about 11 thousand meters.

James O’Donoghue highlights another interesting detail. In his opinion, this is what the world looked like before – but it was half the battle. Many are now talking about a climate disaster and that the world “will not be the same.” But global warming, which scares people, actually provokes the melting of glaciers and rising water levels on the planet – and not such drying out.

In this situation, we are waiting for an increase in the level of the World Ocean, and as a result – flooding of coastal zones on the continents and the departure of many islands under water.

Of course, this can also be considered a disaster, but still it will not be a “rollback” – rather a systematic and logical development of the situation. Indeed, even now, underwater seas often find underwater sunken cities – that means the water level is rising, and the planet is more likely to face another flood rather than drying out.