A million for a child. What is the new US presidential candidate preparing

Family revelations, tears and speculations about abortion – these are the first public appearances of the newly-minted US presidential candidate, rapper Kanye West. He was included in the ballot only in Oklahoma, but the extravagant election campaign has already started. Meanwhile, the real challengers – Joe Biden and Donald Trump – are in an increasingly unpredictable race.

Promises and confessions

The American rapper, producer and designer Kanye West has many titles: record holder for the number of Grammys – 21 awards, the best-selling musician, a regular on the Forbes list, one of the most influential people in the world according to Time magazine. Now Kanye is aiming for the presidency – at the head of “Birthday Party”.

The campaign kicked off loudly with a closed rally in Charleston, South Carolina. The candidate looked extravagant: in a simple black T-shirt and bulletproof vest, with the numbers 2020 shaved at the back of his head. He spoke without a microphone, shouting over the audience.

They talked about abortion, and the artist burst into tears. He remembered that the father was “too busy” and the mother wanted to terminate the pregnancy. “And I almost killed my daughter myself,” the rapper admitted. When his wife, the star of the TV show Kim Kardashian, became pregnant, he wondered whether to leave the child or not. Feeling emotional, the rapper offered “everyone who has children a million dollars.”

The next day, he said that Kardashian sought help from a doctor to lock her husband at home. In early July, TMZ, citing insiders, wrote: West’s relatives are worried about whether his bipolar disorder has worsened. Earlier, the artist mentioned that he does not always take medications for mental illness.

African American rights activists have mixed reactions to West, although some believe he will pull off Joe Biden’s black electorate. And yet how exactly “Schrödinger’s candidate” will be nominated is a big question. His campaign is too similar to the promotion of a new album.

Start from the end

Kanye announced his intention to run on Independence Day, July 4. A former admirer of Donald Trump disowned the incumbent with the words: “I am taking off my red cap (a symbol of support for Trump. – Ed.).”

Now the database of the Federal Election Commission has 1,144 applicants. Among them are the namesake of the rapper – Kanye Dees Nuts West, as well as someone named “Your Mom”.

Anyone can apply to the election commission. The form is simple, no experience in politics required. But there is one rule: five thousand dollars in campaign donations.

The Federal Commission is mainly concerned with funding control and does not waste time checking and screening out strange characters. This is the task of the regional divisions.

State electoral rules are different. For example, in Florida the registration of candidates has already been closed; Getting on the staff lists is the first step towards the presidency. To do this, you need to collect a certain number of signatures or pay a fee. This is exactly what West did in Oklahoma – he donated 35 thousand dollars.

If the rapper actually applied to the Federal Commission (and there are doubts about this), he must disclose his finances to the public within a month. Usually after that, they move on to agitation. However, the musician began from the end – with his usual performances in front of the public.