A miracle dog was born with a deformed skull and without a part of the brain – but this does not prevent it from being “the happiest dog in the world

11 months ago

Elk – a three-year-old charm from a breed of Australian shepherd dogs – was born with a number of developmental disabilities, including a deformed skull and the absence of some parts of the brain. For some, this might turn out to be a verdict – but, fortunately, Elk came across a mistress who does not mind the soul in him. Jennifer loves absolutely everything in her pet, from a malocclusion and an unusual nose shape to a smile that never leaves it face, calling it “the happiest dog in the world.”

Jennifer, 26, living in Ohio, first saw Elk at a pet store in June 2016. Although the woman is now a supporter of the adoption of dogs from shelters, she is glad that she came to the store that day. Perhaps, if not for this, the dog’s story would have ended much more deplorably.

“Technically, I did not adopt Elk,” Jennifer notes, “but I still feel that I saved it. It’s good that I took it, and not someone else – who would abandon it or even put it to sleep. ”

“Most likely, Elk was born that way. It’s nose pressed into the skull when it was probably still in the womb: hence the malocclusion, the shape of the nose, the deformation of the skull, and the different color of the eyes. MRI showed that it literally has no forehead, sinuses and parts of the brain – including the one that is responsible for the sense of smell. ”

The dog suffers from seasonal allergies, terrible seizures that can last for hours, and the so-called “cherry eye”, which causes redness and swelling of the third century. Jennifer spends about $ 2 thousand annually to pay for the pet’s medical bills – but this does not detract from her love for Elk, which, in turn, adores the hostess and adoptive brothers and sisters no less.

“It is a real present,” – says Jennifer – Elk – the happiest of all the dogs that I have ever seen, and I’m glad that I found it. By his behavior, you will never think that he has any problems. It is a very smart, real person, and it loves everyone madly, especially his mother. ”

Jennifer knows firsthand what it means to have special needs: due to a developmental defect affecting her lap, she has a hard time working, so the woman launched a line of Moose Merchandise products dedicated to her pet to pay the bills. Despite the difficulties, she does not regret the decision.

“Given everything that Elk went through, we are very lucky that he survived. – the mistress emphasizes. “He is our miracle.”

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