A mother of 4 children from Florida was found dead in a neighbor’s house. Before that, her husband was abducted and robbed

11 months ago

Police in Florida are investigating a convoluted murder case of a mother of four children who was found dead in a neighbor’s house – shortly after her husband called 911 to report that he was kidnapped and robbed

Officers found the body of Amber Gaddis, 30, from Jacksonville, examining the bloody footprints leading to a house nearby. Presumably, the woman rushed there for help on Saturday morning, June 20, but the attackers followed her. On the same day, at 12:30, a call came from 911 from her husband, Daniel Gaddis. He said that he was the victim of abduction and robbery.

Gaddis, who had been married to Amber for 4 years and raised 6 children with her, said that shortly after he left home, he was seized by three unidentified people in a “dark color” car – and after the robbery they dropped him off and disappeared . The man is sure that the death of his wife is the work of the criminals who kidnapped him, who obviously decided that it would be easier to rob the house in the absence of Daniel. In a conversation with reporters, Gaddis added that he only wants justice for Amber, which was “just perfect.” “I loved her with all my heart. – Daniel says. “She was the meaning of my life.”

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