A neo-Nazi tried to burn down the main synagogue in Montreal

A neo-Nazi tried to burn down the main synagogue in Montreal

The attacker is suspected of having a mental disorder.

Montreal’s main synagogue “Shaarei Shamayim” was attacked by a follower of the neo-Nazi movement. Fortunately, law enforcement officers were able to apprehend the attacker. This was reported on local radio “I heart radio,” with reference to the synagogue’s rabbi Adam Shayer.

According to the rabbi, he was walking past the synagogue. About a hundred meters away, he noticed that police cars were parked outside the building. As he approached, he saw that the perpetrator was already being put in the car by law enforcement. However, the perpetrator managed to paint Nazi swastikas on the door of the house of worship. A can of gasoline was also found with him. It was the sinanoga guard who managed to detain the offender and then called the police.

Other Jewish communities and representatives of other religious denominations have already offered to help the synagogue.

The police department noted that the detainee is 28 years old and likely suffers from a mental disorder. He will be held in custody pending a psychological evaluation. It is noteworthy that the famous musical performer Leonard Cohen used to pray in this synagogue.