A new coronavirus has been identified in four more countries

A new coronavirus has been identified in four more countries

The strain is more contagious.

A new strain of coronavirus, which was previously recorded in Britain, has infected people in four other countries. The new strain of coronavirus has been identified in Denmark, South Africa, the Netherlands and Australia.

Representative of the WHO Health Emergencies Program Maria Van Kerkhove said that members of the organization are monitoring the mutations of the coronavirus disease throughout the pandemic.

It is known that earlier in Rome, Italy, medical workers also found a new strain of the virus in a man who came from the UK.

The Italian Ministry of Health reported that the new type of coronavirus may be much easier to transmit from an infected person. The department also assured that the vaccine against COVID-19 also works if infected with the new strain. Due to the spread of the new strain, the World Health Organization has called on European governments to tighten measures to control and prevent the strain. “Across Europe, where transmission is intense and widespread, countries need to redouble their approaches to control and prevention,” the WHO urged.

As the public learned earlier, Boris Johnson obtained evidence of a coronavirus mutation. Britain’s Telegraph newspaper stated that Prime Minister Boris Johnson called an emergency ministerial meeting because of evidence of the COVID-19 mutation and also stated that the new strain of coronavirus found in the country could be 70% more contagious.