A new ocean may appear on Earth

The movement of the huge island does not happen by itself, but together with a huge tectonic plate.

It has long been known that Madagascar is gradually moving away from Africa by a few millimeters per year, although previously the island was part of the continent.

According to scientists, it is a continuation of the process of splitting the prehistoric supercontinent of Pangaea, which began about 200 million years ago and may end up forming a new ocean.

The fact is that the movement of the huge island is not by itself, but along with a huge tectonic plate. This means that one day the seabed in its surroundings will begin to take a fundamentally different shape: new depths and shoals will appear. Moreover, this process will later lead to the formation of a new fifth ocean.

However, as scientists note, it will take several million years for five oceans to appear on Earth instead of the current four. Among other things, it is not excluded that there will be more oceans later, especially if faults begin to lead to the formation of new reliefs at the bottom, in contrast to the scenario of change, which science believes is basic and most likely.

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