A new rover hitched to a rocket to launch

The new Martian rover “Perseverance” is preparing to launch – it has already been attached to the Atlas V rocket on Cape Canaveral.

The rover was attached to the top of the rocket, which would send it to the Red Planet in the coming weeks. Enclosed in a nose cone that will protect about launch time, the rover and the rest of the Mars 2020 system were attached to the United Launch Alliance booster on Tuesday – a 60-ton lift at complex 41 lifted the nose cone of the payload 39 meters to the top awaiting rocket.

There, engineers installed physical and electrical circuits that will work between the launch vehicle and the spacecraft about 50-60 minutes after launch, and then will separate when the rover goes on its own.

Mars rover launch window – until August 15. The start has already been postponed several times due to problems arising from the outbreak of coronavirus.