A new stylish invention will allow restaurant visitors to have safe lunch during a pandemic

12 months ago

The new dining hood or lampshade, reminiscent of Cone of Silence from the 60’s TV series “The Strained Grin”, can serve as a safe haven from the coronavirus when restaurants start working almost as usual.

Christoph Guerninen, who invented the transparent lampshade called Plex’Eat, said that the options that have already appeared on the market are more like cabins in the prison visitor rooms. “I wanted to make the divider screen more glamorous, more cute,” he described to Reuters his invention, which will begin production next week. The Plex’Eat, which hangs from the cable on the ceiling, has a cut at the back, allowing the visitor to sit and stand up without having to bend down.

Christophe said his invention has already attracted interest in France, Belgium, Canada, Japan and Argentina. France is beginning to relax some of the restrictions it has imposed to cope with the spread of coronavirus, but the government has not yet given the green light to restaurants and bars to open because it is difficult to control the spread of the disease.

Visitors will not be able to eat in masks, and if tables are removed to ensure that customers are at a safe distance from each other, many restaurant owners say that in this case they will not be able to earn enough money to cover their expenses. Mathieu Manzoni, owner of an H.A.N.D. restaurant near the Louvre Museum in Paris, invited Guerninen this week to talk about his invention.

He said he was planning to order. “Will people like him? I can’t say, but I want to believe it can make a difference because I find it funny,” Manzoni said in an interview from his restaurant, which is now open for take-out only.

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