A new twist on the killing of a black man in the United States: Police officer strangling George Floyd was his old friend

11 months ago

“Oh my god, how healthy you are, you are a giant,” said a voiceover. It belonged to Habib, who was filming this dubious video. Habib is a former stock trader. “I’m tired of everything, I quit and decided to open a porn site for black people. There will be an amateur video, I’m going to travel to different states and make films for you. ” Habib posted an uncomplicated life credo on the main page of his project.

“How tall are you, buddy?” – the amateur porn director continued to be amazed.

  • Six feet forty six inches (almost 195 cm. – Auth.)! – answered a hefty black man in an alcoholic shirt. On it was the inscription “I am young and I love to take risks.” He hugged a dark-skinned girl – the famous, so to speak, in narrow circles porn actress Kimberly Brinks.

“Kim, you are so tiny next to him,” Habib whistled off-screen.

“Well, I’m only five feet with an inch (a little less than 155 cm. – Auth.),” The girl was embarrassed. Or not. Who will figure out where these porn actors have real emotions, and where is the game.

“Big Floyd, let’s go and do it.” The “five feet with an inch” was flattering to a black giant.

So began the inglorious career in the porn industry of George Floyd (he starred in only two commercials). A year later, George will die during a police detention. His death will inspire tens of thousands of black Americans in riots and pogroms. Icons will begin to be dedicated to George, the leaders of the American Democratic Party – opponents of Trump – will kneel before the image of the “innocently killed”.

How did it happen that a completely ordinary police procedure – the detention of a drug-stoned bully – caused such dramatic consequences? What did the police do wrong, or vice versa – did they behave strictly according to the instructions?

I asked about this about the former cop, ex-investigator Ross Dan. We downloaded several videos of the detention of Floyd from the Internet – there are plenty of such videos, everything happened in front of a dozen passers-by. And they began to look carefully. Ross, in the course of the dramatic play, made his professional comments.


May 25th. 19.57. Minneapolis Two sellers leave their shop and go to a parked SUV. There is a man sitting there who just bought cigarettes from them and paid with a fake bill. Sellers are asked to return the pack, in response they hear abuse. The buyer behaves aggressively, inappropriately. Sellers return to the store, call the police. The first crew arrives in 17 minutes.


Police officers approach the car where the fraudster sits. He refuses to go out. In the report, the cop later indicates that the suspect was “very drunk” in appearance. A policeman pulls him out of the driver’s seat by force, a partner helps put on handcuffs. They lead him to the sidewalk and sit him against the wall.

Ross Den:

  • Everything is done absolutely correctly. As taught at the police academy. The cops appreciated the situation, saw that the “client” was not in himself. Therefore, they used a little force to pull him out of the car. He is potentially dangerous, like a driver. And they did very right that they put him to the wall. It is easier to control the detainee and he, leaning against it, feels more relaxed.


Directly to the place where the detainee sits by the wall, a second police crew drives up. One of the cops found out the name of the bully. And he asked the second crew to break through his base.

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