A new wave of sand from the Sahara moves to the USA

Another cloud of dust from the Sahara Desert will cover the Gulf of Mexico later this week. Haze will again have to the Caribbean and southern states of America. This will cause deterioration in air quality, as well as longer visibility of sunrises and sunsets.

The dust is expected to settle as the cloud travels all over Florida, air deteriorating significantly when a new sand air wave reaches the coast of Texas and Louisiana.

“Last week’s dust concentration was historic. The volume of sand in the next wave is much more typical for what we see in any given year, ”says meteorologist Judson Jones.

Dust from the Sahara brings air masses to the United States every year. It rises into the atmosphere by wind and thunderstorms in Africa and flies over 5,000 km across the Atlantic. This year is the worst in recent decades in this regard, meteorologists say.