A new way is discovered to rejuvenate the body and prolong life

Scientists at the University of California at Berkeley found that for the rejuvenation effect, it is enough to dilute the blood plasma with a mixture of saline and albumin, and not add the blood plasma of young mice. The new discovery is reported in an article published in the journal Aging.

Researchers have determined that for strong rejuvenation, half the blood plasma of old mice should be replaced with a solution where albumin replaces the protein lost when the original plasma was removed. This has an equal or even stronger effect on the brain, liver and muscles of animals than blood transfusions from young rodents to old. Performing this procedure in young mice did not have a detrimental effect on health.

The results show that the effect of rejuvenation and prolongation of life does not depend on young blood, but on the elimination of harmful factors in old blood. With age, the level of certain proteins increases, which accelerate the aging of the body. In humans, plasma composition can be changed using plasmapheresis, which is approved for the treatment of, for example, autoimmune diseases. Scientists are currently completing clinical trials of plasma transfusion to improve the health of older people and to treat diseases such as muscle atrophy, neurodegeneration, type 2 diabetes and immune system disorders.