A new way to save patients with coronavirus – double lung transplant

10 months ago

Doctors from Chicago performed a unique operation to save a patient dying from coronavirus – they did a double lung transplant. The procedure was the first of its kind.

Last week in Chicago, a seriously ill woman with COVID-19 underwent a double lung transplant because her own organs were severely damaged by the coronavirus — the internal organs were “eaten up” by the infection, the lungs became “full of holes”. Heart tissue and diaphragm were also partially affected. A young woman who was not yet 30 years old could no longer breathe herself.

Surgeons of the Northwest Memorial Hospital transplanted both lungs from the donor, the operation lasted 10 hours. Now the woman is still connected to the artificial respiration apparatus, but her condition has begun to improve.

Chief surgeon Ankit Bharat noted that this operation can be done by far from everyone infected – only young people without serious chronic illnesses can survive it.

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